Characteristics Of An Automotive Professional

Doing sales for a car dealership is a job that often carries with it a fair share of criticism and judgement by others who perceive the industry to be inherently immoral, right from the start. A good automotive professional, or salesperson, is one who is able to genuinely provide valuable assistance to the customer. Beyond being knowledgeable about the latest vehicles and product knowledge, a superb sales associate is one who can be responsive to the customers’s needs at all times. Recognizing that a customer is coming in out of the cold or heat and that they might value a comfortable chair and a beverage is one great way to make an excellent first impression upon your customer.

Negotiations can be incredibly stressful, not just for the customer but also for some salespeople in the industry. At, our dealership, we’ve managed to avert our customer and sales team from stress during negotiations. We’ve accomplished this by offering upfront pricing with nothing hidden from the customer. Our approach is inclusive of the customer’s needs and honest about pricing. Unlike other establishments, we understand how hard our customers work for their money and we want to help them allocate it in the best way possible to make their automotive experience a positive one.

Paying attention to the small details and following through with customers is another area where we really pride ourselves. Stressing our sales staff to have a heightened state of awareness around customer needs was a challenge that surely didn’t get accomplished over night. Our sales staff will often be seen circling a customer’s vehicle with a fine cloth, buffing out any scuff-marks or fingerprints that may have accumulated on the vehicle since it came out from the wash-up department. You might only get one drive in your brand-new car before it’s really a used car, technically. We still want that one drive to be one to remember.

While you might think that all car sales people are simply trying to trick or manipulate you, it’s not always so. Also, at Walker Automotive Group, we believe in hiring only the most professional and customer-oriented salespeople available. By maintaining manners, product knowledge and helpfulness throughout the sales process, our salespeople deliver excellence to the customer in all aspects of the sales process including the one-year anniversary call that we make after your vehicle is one year old. We want to let our customers know that we haven’t forgotten about them. Our hope is that every customer feels welcome and encouraged to visit us again in the future to make their automotive purchasing and leasing decisions.